Annual Response to Resistance Report 2015

The information presented in this annual report has been collected from police reports submitted during the 2015 calendar year. The report will provide context and perspective regarding Fort Lauderdale Police Officers' response to resistance as well as the outcomes.

This report is intended to provide a summary of the types of incidents involving use of force by police  officers and also to identify trends or any training areas that need to be addressed. It is the procedure of the Department to document officers’ response to resistance in the initial incident report and not a separate standalone report. This allows the field supervisors to review and evaluate the circumstances and the officers’ response to those circumstances in a timely fashion. Subsequent to the initial review by the first line supervisor, each incident report involving an officer's response to resistance is forwarded to the Office of Internal Affairs where a second independent review of the incident occurs. The report is also entered into the Police Department’s accountability and early warning system (IA Pro).

Fort Lauderdale Police Department officers receive extensive entry-level and in-service training focused on de-escalating incidents and identifying when crisis intervention resources can be helpful. However, these efforts are ineffective when an imminent threat precludes their usage. Officers must rely on their training to use only the amount of force necessary to control an incident, affect an arrest, or protect themselves or others from injury or death.

The Office of Internal Affairs conducted administrative reviews of 578 Incident Reports involving officers’ “Response to Resistance” which occurred in 2015.

Types of Force Used

921 uses of force were due to the escalation of various responses to resistance
123 incidents where force was applied by less-lethal* means (*Less-lethal means; Taser, K-9 Apprehension, Hobble Restraint Device, Baton, Flashlight, Sage and Subject Control Spray.)

  • Knees  - 15
  • Other  - 10
  • Rifle-Pointed Only - 2
  • No Data - 1
  • Aerosol Defense Spray (ADS)  - 7
  • Baton - Expandable - 2
  • Canine/K9  - 13
  • Flashlight - 2

Subjects Arrested in Conjunction with Use of Force

Reason for Force

Types of Situations Encountered

Injury Summary

There were 16 officers injured while responding to resistance. Less than 3% of all officers who administered force during a response to resistance were injured.
Three of the 921 uses of force, not including the firearm discharge, are currently assigned to the Broward County State Attorney’s Office / Special Prosecutor's Office for review. The State Attorney's Office will determine if there are any criminal violations resulting from these cases. One officer was remanded to remedial training in regards to the application of a taser. At this time, there are no sustained policy violations.

Incidents Where Officers Responded to Resistance

Effectiveness of Officers' Response to Resistance

Holding a suspect at gunpoint accounted for 211 instances of officers responding to resistance. There were five intentional firearm
discharges, one at an aggressive animal. The remaining four weapon discharges were from three separate instances. One incident
involved an offender's death, and we are currently awaiting the Grand Jury's decision. No department policies or procedures were
violated regarding these incidents.